BIG:RED:BUS Kinetic Kreations- Sat:6:May

Kinetics (Ancient Greek: κίνησις “kinesis”, movement or to move) may refer to: Kinetics (physics), the study of motion and its causes.
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The BIG:RED:BUS is planning to get your body moving – and make no mistake – it will keep going until the sun comes up!

The BIG:RED:BUS parties have been smashing MyAeon dance floors for nearly a decade and we still chuck everything we have into every gig – every month!

Whether it’s the delicious decor landscape, the mesmerising visuals or the engulfing lights and laser show, B:R:B plan on giving you the night of your life. Add to that the best DJ and acts that we can find playing out through two spankingly good Funktion One sound systems, and you have a recipe for trouble of the best kind.

Live sets of new material from TEKXTURE and IMPERFECT CIRCLE are backed up by achingly good DJ sets from MISS MAX, BOBBY RAVER (Punkzonjunk), CACOPHONY, WILD DO Ó (Half Wild), MILKMAN, and not forgetting B:R:Bs own RACHEL ORCHARD who will be delivering her own latest gems fresh from the studio.

Keeping the flow going:


22:00 Miss Max (PBS FM)
00:00 Bobby Raver (RSF / A Collective Future))
01:30 Rachel Orchard (B:R:B)
03:00 Tekxture LIVE (Insonitus Records / Zenon)
04:30 Imperfect Circle LIVE (Higher Recordings / Iboga)
Visuals by vdmo Kstati & Blu°e)MD


00:30 Wild Do Ó (Half Wild / Darkbeat)
02:30 Cacophony (B:R:B)
04:00 MilkMan (B:R:B)

Miss Max –
Bobby Raver –
Rachel Orchard –
Tekxture –
Imperfect Circle –
Wild Do Ó –
Cacophony –

vdmo (
Blu°e)MD (
G-Wiz (
H&S Technologies (
Revolt Productions
Akurst (
Inner Colour (
Funktion One (

Where: MYAEON – 791 Sydney Rd, Brunswick
When: 6 May 2017 : 22:00 – 06:00
How much: $15 B4 Midnight : $20 after (or free if you bike it there)

B:R:B remains free to anyone having a birthday, and turning up on a pushie. So take the sustainable transport option and save some dollars.

B:R:B is a collaborative organic events group that aims to put a smile on your face with high quality, positive, fun and professionally run experiences 🙂


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