Machine :: 8 Years of Techno: June 17th@ MyAeon

Machine :: 8 Years of Techno

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8 years on and here we stand, strong and proud and dancing our arses off amidst the seething cloud of beats. There’s plenty to be thankful for on our side; incredible support from our Australian family which now truly encompasses the country, with Machine Label artists, Machine Club performers and Machine Club supporters hailing from the length and breadth of this continent. We are blessed with the club environment we call home in My Aeon which has given us free reign on our once a month and offered us the potential to get to where we’re going. Are we there yet? No, there’s plenty in store and plenty coming down the pipe that we’re really excited about, but this month it’s all about reflecting on the particular awesome that lies at our heart. Our Machine artists that have lent us their support, their music and their creative energy to help propel us out of infancy and into our middle childhood.

It was this time a year ago that we re-opened at the newly renovated My Aeon and celebrated our 7th Birthday. We were staggered at the enthusiasm and support, with a jam packed venue and queue down the street and into the parking lot. Techno in Melbourne was alive and well and we were kids in the candy shop. It hasn’t relented, the year that was has been our biggest ever, with stepped up efforts in our artist line-ups and the flexibility of the upstairs room enabling us to showcase local crews and labels:

The local crews and label: SILO Productions, Dark Matter, Billion Underground, FINN Audio, If? Records, Melbourne Techno Collective, PWD, Bunker, Wildwood, Oblivion Music Group and Barba.

The international artists: Luis Flores, Antigone, Adriana Lopez, Steve Bicknell, Developer

The local live artists and dj’s: G3:D9, Lateral, Enclave, Juan Tellez, Mot3K (WA), Daniel Filipovic, Craig McWhinney, Jani Ho, Chiara Kickdrum, Kiti,Dave Mummery, Sundelin, Sebastian Bayne (Syd) Advanced Human (Syd), Ranjit Nijjer, Bass Bin Laden, Dave Chestwig, Tom Tom, Steven Sakkas, Joey Sarantis, Matt Radovich, Sam McEwin, Jay Reading, Peter Baker, Digital Primate, Mo Ichi, Miyagi, Pat Woodley-Davis, Adrian Bell, Dean Benson, TFG, Quale, Max Vegas,

In July we welcomed Matthew Drape to the Machine Label fold as a partner. In September we launched the Freedom from Harassment Policy which took immediate effect, making the club a happier, safer and all round more harmonious experience for everyone and women in particular. If you’re new to the fold this is it here:

And now we’re all set for the birthday…


This month we look inward in celebrating our own. Across the 2 rooms of My Aeon both with premiere Function One rigs and all the lights and lasers. The artists that have helped us get to where we are and between them have offered up the four most recent releases on Machine Label (with the exception of Lateral who can’t be with us due to the Swiss Alps).

He drifts mercilessly on the seas of consensus reality, shipwrecked and splintered on the shoals of linear reason. He is blessed with an ear that hears beyond rhyme, fazing and ebbing across the tides; playing at shadows in a wide eyed dance with reason.. Such is the way with this wunderkind. Composite Cone bleeds through days in hibernation into the bliss of night where his machines abide him, offering up their algorithms like secrets from the vault of time. De-cypher this and I will give you the code. Crack the code and I give you the sound of the future.

Composite Cone gave us the Herakleion EP in March [MACH033]

Emerging from the Aussie rock and metal scene of the 90’s, a recognised guitarist and FOH engineer, Enclave (Paul Derons) revised his focus at the turn of the millennium. In his sights, electronica and in particular: techno. Sweeping in upon this new sound like a bird of prey, the Enclave moniker was born in a swirling attack on production and the drum machines at its source. What was to come was a cybernetic sound: deep, dark, hypnotic; music aimed as much at the head as the dance floor. But in these disparate parts a happy union has been formed. One which will be on full display Upstairs at Machine where ENCLAVE will take the red room on a live production tour de force.

Enclave, Forest Gate EP, [MACH032],,
The Deep Sting EP, [MACH023],, Grindland EP, [MACH011],

Machine Label’s resident New Zealander has crossed the Tasman Sea to bring his soaring techno sound to Melbourne and the world. Combining modular sounds and clever production technique into potent dance floor material; his sound captures the imagination and the heart. Breaking through with his Stamina EP in 2016 [MACH029] Juan Tellez has continued to refine an imposing sound with a drive and majesty guaranteed to attract the attention of dj’s and dance floors in Australia and beyond. His latest EP ‘The Temple’ is the most recent release on Machine Label [MACH034]
Lifted off that EP is Dawn. Dawn is a soaring opus, full of feeling. Open and minimal, deep and complex, infused with contradiction, sending the spirt on a journey at the same time as tugging at the emotional body. A track of wonder and beauty bound to resonate with dj’s who yearn for potent journey material. That’s what Juan Tellez in full flight offers the dance floor.

Chief architects of the ethos of Machine and the mechanics busy under the hood. More than back line players these two have been headlining rosters for the best part of the last 25 years. Pick up a flyer, tear down a poster, unravel a scroll, dust off a tablet, shine a light in a cave and you’ll likely find one or both of these names in bold. For good reason.

Andrew Till:
Simon Slieker:

We really look forward to celebrating with you. It is to you that the biggest thank you still needs to be made; you who have danced and drank and smoked and laughed and encouraged us all the way. You our supporters and punters without whom it’d all be for naught. Thank you.

Entry $15 before midnight / $20 after
Photo I.D Required

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