Machine – Truncate/ Drumcell: 22nd July 2017

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This is the one we’ve been salivating over for months. A guilty preoccupation given the star quality of the imports joining us over recent months in Adriana Lopez, Steve Bicknell and Developer. But really, in the pantheon of techno producers to get excited about this months guests are in the foreground: enter direct from Los Angeles DRUMCELL (Droid Behavior/Dystopian) & TRUNCATE (50 Weapons/Droid Behavior). On the one bill.

What can be said that hasn’t been said already? Truncate is no stranger to Machine and conversely no mystery to you our crowd. He’s joined us on 2 previous occasions the first when he was just taking the world by storm in 2012. That party tore the roof of My Aeon. Which, legend has it, is why major renovations had to be conducted last year. This is not entirely true, because it was only after TRUNCATES second stint with us at our 5th Birthday that the place was so taken apart that the renovations became entirely necessary. DRUMCELL meanwhile has humbly been going about his business of world domination in defiance of Europe, much the same as TRUNCATE, as both these individuals have done much to give the U.S and California in particular something to be proud of. TRUNCATE’S release profile is prolific and fortunately his gig stature meritoriously warrants similar acclaim. Read: the guy can put it together behind the decks, so prepare yourself for a journey and a rinsing.

Read TRUNCATE’S bio here:

drumcell is a production savant. His compositions are varied and layered, they entrance and entice, they allure and shock. His methods are many and his directions take the less trodden path. Having said that, he makes really strong techno music. He’s released all over the place, with his debut album on CLR and played all around the world. DRUMCELL co-founded DROD RECORDINGS and DROID BEHVAVIOUR, two labels that have done much to cement their place into the fabric of techno on earth in the 21st Century. This acclaim reached our shores a few years ago and DRUMCELL’S first appearance in Australia at the behest of Billion Underground was a ripping NYE event at a canny one off venue. The following day gave way to a daytime My Aeon team up between Billion Underground and Machine. And so it comes to pass that he too returns to the fold. And we are waiting with baited breath and open arms. DRUMCELL is a favourite. The venue is restored, rebuilt and fortified heavily enough to withstand this next double barrelled buffeting.

Read DRUMCELL’S bio here:

Both these guys have showcased their talents at Berghain numerous times, so they should be broken in and ready for Melbourne in 2017.

We are really genuinely excited about this show.

In support we bring you:

Lateral: returns from his jaunt around the world and we’re thrilled to have him and his silky style back in the fold. What flavours will he bring from the world soup? Only time will tell, but we bet it’ll be good. Lateral came on board as a Partner in Machine Label last year and shares responsibility for sourcing and selecting music for the label with Andrew Till and Simon Slieker.

Emmymaie: coming off a red hot performance at SILO’s Artefakt show last month EmmyMaie has essentially left us no choice but to book her. Going from strength to strength her sets offer up a sophistication in composition that could only come from years of attuned attention to the music and art of dj’ing. Through a robust approach she captivates the dance floor and keeps feet shuffling and gazes floorward through a mesmerising and nuanced through line . The sword of Damocles personified in pint-sized elfin form.

Andrew Till: Founder of Machine and Machine Label, Andrew Till is a pioneering dj of the Australian music scene. One of very few dj’s, possibly the only one, present at the formative moments of electronic party culture in Melbourne who has been working consistently and constantly through to the present moment. Moving through many moments and inflections of the sound, Andrew Till is currently part of the advance guard for the direction of the techno form.

Simon Slieker: The original resident dj of Machine since inception. Later became partner in both Machine and Machine Label at Till’s invitation. Since then Machine has gone strength to strength as Slieker’s input beautifully compliments that of Till’s and together they create great things. Slieker too is a pioneering dj of the Australian scene and has been working solidly and without lapse since he began at Melbourne Underground Developments Every Picture Tell’s A Story parties in 1994.

1st Round $30 + BF
2nd Round $40 +BF
More on the door if not sold out

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