My Aeon 10th Anniversary feat Citizen Kain (France): 15th September 2017

Well, the journey began in August 2007 when My Aeon was first known and called Rusty Lounge.
A vacant lot for nearly a year, inspiration from its walls and possibly from the last existing business was where Ace Morning lived. From a broken mosaic floor, disjointed first floor, brick walls and run down there was a building that just cried out to be occupied!

Phase one was to install a bar, carpet, redo the floors to accommodate what was then a bar/ lounge… it manifested in to something so much more.

As the first few months rolled on, Big Red Bus (who is still on the first Saturday of each month) proved to be crucial to the grounding of the club, its ethos and more importantly, allowed the venue to stay afloat each month.

Fast forward to 2012, our very own Funktion-One sound system, added to our amazing regular monthly events – Machine, Almost Human, Black Market and so many other events, too many to name all… My Aeon moved its dance floor a little to create a little more floor space…

2014 the next chapter began…

From architects, town planning, and construction all ready to go, we saw off the old My Aeon with none other than Hernán Cattáneo a little side show immediately after RSF!

Fast forward to 2016 June.

We opened the new My Aeon with Duncan Gray opening night, what a show!

Since then we haven’t stopped tinkering with new booth seating, lighting second to none and of course that new Funktion One – Room One,

We have welcomed the best of the best in Melbourne with Thick as Thieves, Doesn’t Matter, Edge Bookings, Kamp Kraken, Contact High, Hardware and The Brink with many others featured taking the club forward leaps and bounds in the last year.

How this little bar/ lounge is growing to become an institution in the electronic scene is nothing short of amazing, but hey let’s be honest; without the staff, promoters and most of all the amazing revelers who come and support the club each week… we are nothing!

We owe you everything and together I hope to keep the tunes rocking and the bass pumping…

Now for the 10th birthday we have one of the biggest stars on the techno and tech house scene, Citizen Kain from France with an amazing array of local and international talent:

Room One

Citizen Kain (France)

Reno (France)
Scott Freedman
Simon Slieker
Dave Juric

Room Two


See you on the floor…

Steven Sakkas
My Aeon 2007 – current
(Aeon – new beginning – forever evolving)

Tickets available soon…

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