Rancho Relaxo – Dear oh Dear

RANCH-O-RELAXO- Autumn Gathering
April 8 – April 9 – 2017


A weekend of fun, food, art and community to be shared with our like-minded friends, new friends and family.

This is a Private event on private property, only those invited can see the event detail. You’re welcome to invite friends, please bear in mind our event is dependent on active participation and a community of conscious like-minded individuals, connecting and looking out for each other. This isn’t a doof or a club, it’s a chance to gather around the sound in a safe luscious place – keep this in mind when assembling your crew.

Bambi comes of age this Autumn and is ready to party. After the laughter of Summer and the sex of Spring comes the rich full body of Autumn. When bright yellow deepens to auburn, babes shed youth. Boys 2 men, lasses to ladies, the best come to nest. The cooler months bring time for deeper connections that span beyond the flirtatious gyrations of the mating seasons. Leaf your worries behind and enjoy a weekend celebrating with your nearest and deerest!

This Autumn come and get social, add some deer to your cheer and venison to awaken your inner game. Beginning with a long picnic from midday, bountiful amounts of activities, entertainment and culminating in outdoor dance floor delights. We’re welcoming an all-star cast of new and old chefs to the ranch to treat you bellies, ears, and eyes.

Activities Include:

– Sacred Creation
– Treasure Hunt – Find your Ways
– Sound Station
– Ranch Cart Race
– Yard Games
– Time Capsule
– Wine & Cheese Afternoon
– Sunday Soundfood lunch experience
-Wellness center including Sauna trailer, massage therpapists fromMassage Worx & hot tubs are back.

Watch the feed for more details as they fall from the tree.



House Keeping:
– Please leave pets (wild life zone) and children at home (over 18’s event)
– No Passouts
– Tickets dont include food!
– Gates are closed Saturday night 12pm-10am Sunday morning
– Food caterers will be available: Ranch kitchen Pies (saturday) Papa Ragus Pizza & Vegilicious, coffe cart Sunday morning.
– Delicious drinks served from the Oh Deer Bar! Bring your own cup for $1 off!
-Leave no trace event.
– One hour from Melb CBD, only ticket holders will receive address the week of the event.

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