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If God is a Dj, the VJ must be the eyes through which he sees beauty in rhythm, shapes, visuals and geometrical patterns.
It was long believed that only music could make us transcend, but in today’s world it’s hard to imagine a dancefloor without lights and projection. Visuals add meaning to sound and helps you immerse in a world of beauty, trippy images and wild imagination.

It is apparent that Music on it’s own is not enough! Visuals plays such an important role in captivating the mind of an audience and it gives both the DJ and the people a medium through which to connect and communicate. Not just ‘Feel the Beat’, but experience it visually.

For this 7th Edition,  FMIN  teamed up with VJ Union Australia to bring you a very special event. The free workshop is designed to give you a complete understanding of the  Visual Art Industry, Vjing & Djing, Projection Mapping, Hardware & Software and Content creation.

What is the history of Vjing and where is it going?

How #tech positively impacts the industry?
Is it just a hobby or can I make a living out of it?
Is Vjing slowly moving away from Video?

This event is ideal for anyone:

  • Interested in working with visuals,

  • Dj’s who would like to collaborate with Vj’s,

  • Anyone working with 3D, Lights & Projection.



 FMIN #07

VJ Union Ausralia is a networking and marketing platform for practising video and multimedia performing artists in Australia with aim to promote, educate and market VJ arts and Artists throughout Australia and on International stage. We also welcome international VJ performers that are set to arrive in Australia for performances and happy to offer networking opportunities(Australia wide) and online group support with like-minded professionals throughout Australia.


235 Normanby Road

South Melbourne 


Apr| 6 PM

Future Music Industry Network Is A 12-Month Free Event Series  Designed To Empower And Educate The Music Industry Through  

Technology, Entrepreneurship & Innovation


Krystal Schultheiss

Krystal is an artist and motion graphics designer currently based in Melbourne Australia. She has been exhibiting animated works since 2007 and performing as a visual artist (VJ) since 2010. In 2016 Krystal was a finalist twice in the AGDA awards Motion category. She has also been internationally published in “Design Genius: The Ways and Workings of Creative Thinkers by Gavin Ambrose (Author)” and “The Fundamentals of Interactive Design by Michael Salmond (Author), Gavin Ambrose (Author). Exhibitions Neo Goth: Back in Black, UQ Art Gallery Queensland (AUS), Naoussa International Short Film & Video Festival Municipal Theatre of Naoussa (Greece) Australian Gothic, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (AUS) and Directors Lounge (Germany)include: West Projections Festival (AUS), Gertrude Street Projection Festival (AUS), Melbourne White Nights (AUS), Digital Graffiti (USA), First Site RMIT Gallery CAFA & RMIT Melbourne (AUS).

Rose Staff, sometimes known under the alias Radiance ( is a new media visual artist, VJ and graphic designer. She works with moving image and live video performance in a range of settings around the world, from contemporary art installations to large-scale vibrant projections at festivals. Her projections have been shown at the Geneva Mapping Festival, Glastonbury Festival UK, VIVID Sydney, and on the facade of the State Library of Victoria for White Night Melbourne. As a VJ she has performed at many of Australia’s largest music festivals including Stereosonic, Rainbow Serpent, Strawberry Fields and Let Them Eat Cake.

VJ Union Australia has been established by Grigori Korotkikh / (vj) vdmoKstati with aim to bring self awareness and networking opportunity for practising VJ’s throughout Australia and uniting the artists on subjects of inspiration, technology, exchange and sustainability of the visual performing art form. With years of experience on Australian VJ circuit as a VJ and VJ co-ordinator on top of long experience building and maintaining focused on-line communities relating to Electronic Media Arts on-line (16+ years), VJ Union Australia project started to take shape late 2009 and keeps on growing and evolving to where it is today.

Pete authors and co-authors a variety of realtime audio reactive VJ applications, media servers and bespoke visual tools and combines them to create stunning realtime 3d worlds that react to music.

Musashii(Chris Crismond) is a Artist/Code samurai who specializes in projection mapping, realtime visuals, interactive installations and virtual reality. Musashii has been coding and doing graphic arts for 18 years now. A veteran performer, he turned his sights to video arts back in 2007. He has performed with artists such as Shpongle, Raekwon, BlueTech, Andrelien, GlitchMob, Black Sun Empire, Andy C, Total Science, and Astrix. His current specialties are TouchDesigner and Unreal Engine. Currently working on media control/mapping systems in touch designer and assorted projects in virtual reality.


7 min from Southern Cross Station

109 Tram to Port Melbourne

STOP 126 – Montague St

20 m walk from tram stop

Plenty of parking if driving


4:30 – 6:00 pm – Bump In

6:00 – 7:00 pm – Networking

7:00 – 7:05 pm – Introduction

7:05 – 7:30 pm – Main Presentation

7:30 – 8:30 pm – Panel Discussion

8:30 – 9:00 pm – Networking

9:00 – 9:30 pm – Bump Out


Pizza inc Gluten Free & Vegetarian options available. 

Assorted soft drinks, juice & sparkling mineral water

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